Witnessed by Prof. Anthony Yeh, Prof. Kelvin Wong, and CIC Chairman Mr. Thomas Ho, Prof. Wilson Lu signed the MoU with Mr. Albert Cheng (CEO of the CIC) on the ceremony held on 24th Apr 2023 at Zero Carbon Paviliion (ZCP) in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Based on the MOU,

CIC agrees to:

  1. From its partners, identify problem statements and business challenges in the construction industry;
  2. Scout promising solutions, research and technologies with FoA, HKU to address the identified problem statements and business challenges;
  • Offer opportunities for FoA, HKU to connect to the industry through webinars, case studies and featured placements;
  1. Provide information for FoA, HKU to source available funding sources and provide support to those projects of FoA, HKU in collaboration with industry stakeholders and CIC to drive wider adoption of advanced technologies for enhancing quality, productivity, safety, and sustainability of the construction industry;
  2. Provide non-monetary support, including feedback and advice to FoA, HKU on their research and innovations from the industry perspective.
  3. From its partners, identify problem statements and business challenges in the construction industry;

FoA, HKU agrees to:

  1. Collaborate with CIC to engage industry partners to promote digital transformation for construction industry;
  2. Collaborate with CIC to implement their latest research output, including but not limited to innovative or market-proven applications, to the industry. For example, the three applications developed by the iLab: 1) e-InStar; 2) e-TranStar; and 3) e-InstalStar, for projects in Hong Kong;
  • Extend the collaboration with the CIC to explore potential interdisciplinary research in HKU.
  1. Facilitate the adoption of the solutions from FoA, HKU by creating and sharing the learning materials for quick adoption. For example, training materials for the three applications mentioned in bii);
  2. Facilitate CIC to organise its Master Class on Innovative technologies, such as CDE, AI for Construction, Modern Method of Construction and MiC, and to collaborate with CIC to help enhance and promote the Master Class;
  3. Co-organise seminar / technology forum with CIC to connect FoA, HKU with industry partners to understand the pain points / business challenges of the construction industry. For example, the participation of iLab in the CIC Masterclass on A.I. launched in 2023; and
  • Facilitate CIC to guide members of FoA, HKU to apply available funding to support innovation development.