iLab presented and shared its digital construction solutions at the Global Construction Sustainability Forum and Exhibition 2023 (GCSFE 2023) held from 20 to 23 November, 2023 at Sky 100. GCSFE 2023 is the first-of-its-kind construction sustainability mega event in Hong Kong, with an aim to address sustainable development in the construction industry. In the 4-day GCSFE 2023, iLab features its:

  • MiC Three Treasures (三宝) for off-site production quality control;
  • Scan-to-BIM system for built asset digitalization in Hong Kong;
  • 4D point cloud system for construction site management;
  • Robotized mass building inspection for sustainable urban renewal.

The booth garnered considerable praise from attending government officials, industry professionals, and academic scholars. Notable visitors included Secretary for Housing Winnie Ho, Former Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-sing, CIC Chairman Ir HO On-sing, and URA Managing Director Ir Wai Chi Sing, who engaged with the team and listened to their informative introduction.