On May 5th, Dr. Junjie Chen delivered a keynote speech titled “Built environment defect mapping, modeling, and management (D3M): A BIM-centric integrated framework” at Young Scholar Forum of Smart Construction Frontier 2023 hosted at Wuhan, China. The forum is jointly organized by Huazhong University of Science and Technology, HKU, HK CityU, Technische Universität Berlin and Hunan University, which aims to provide a platform for outstanding young researchers to exchange ideas in the forefront of smart construction. In the keynote, Dr. Chen shared his perspectives on leveraging BIM as a centric platform to facilitate the mapping, modeling, and management of built environment defects. The talk drawed attention to the unexplored potential of BIM in boosting defect detection performance, aligning defect detection results to the widely accepted Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), and empowering defect management based on the IFC-based common data environment. The research can contribute to renovating the increasingly aging built environment in Hong Kong and beyond.