On July 14, Ms. Lu Yang served as the discussant in 14AM1-2: AsRES – ESG & Sustainability in Real Estate 1 to discuss a working paper “Unused housing in urban China and its carbon emission impact (Zheng et al., 2023)”. This paper developed a trained deep learning model to discriminate unoccupied houses by classifying photos online. It reached several findings on the unused housing distribution in China and its carbon impact. Yang raised three questions to discuss with the speaker and the audiences. The first question is to avoid the bias of this deep learning model and the second and third questions are open questions to discuss the polarizing housing supply phenomenon in China. The speaker and audiences react actively.

Yang also served as a speaker in the 14AM2-6: AsRES – ESG & Sustainability in Real Estate 2 to share her study in ESG decoupling in China. This sharing first introduces the ESG decoupling concept and reasons for firms to engage in ESG decoupling. Several examples are listed to prove ESG decoupling is prevailing in the global market. Later, Yang discussed the relationship between companies’ female manager proportion and its ESG decoupling with empirical evidence. The discussant raised several questions and Yang managed them well. In the rest of the conference, Yang participated 14PM3-6: AsRES – ESG & Sustainability in Real Estate 3, the Opening Ceremony etc. and actively communicate with other scholars.