He also shared on Panel – “Lessons learned about academic leadership for future leaders in CEM” alongside Prof. Burcin Becerick (Head of Department of Civil Engineering at University of Southern California, US) and Prof. Sérgio Scheer (Ex-provost, Federal University of Paraná, Brazil) chaired by Prof. Lucio Soilbelman (University of Southern California).

The GLF-CEM is intended to bring together professors from leading universities around the world who play a leadership and/or administrator role in their retrospective programs. The objective of this forum is to establish a body of academic leadership in the area of Construction Engineering and Management to discuss and share issues of common concern in Research, Teaching, Academic Administration, and Opportunities for Collaboration. It has held 13 forums around the globe over the past years. For more information about GLF-CEM, please refer to https://glf.cem.ecn.purdue.edu/